T’Nez – Yardie Lyrics

Cause man a yardie, real yard man
No man no please call mi cause mi no please call man
Yardie, real yard man
Inna wi Clarks lase up an wi no pree Jordan

Yardie, reall yardie man
Bwoy meck a step man if yuh feel yuh a the dan
Man a yardie, real yardie man
Dem fi know man a real yardie man

(Verse 1)
When yardie man step inna the street a the food wi a look
Yardie man naw go eat nothing weh cyaa cook
Yardie man dem haffi meck it by the hook an crook
But wi no watch people so who a look gwaan look
When yardie man dem waan the Bimma push
A could a supn white or green a push
An even when the green card inn a book
A still Jam Rock man a look

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
A regular dem call yardie man con artiste
True wi get around like the second hand wi a kick
When mi si mi yardie friend dem mi knock off fist
But every yard man a gyallis wi no knock off
Yardie man no too lip an chat
Wi have money paw wi mind like stick paw map
An yardie man no teck kick an box
So meck dem gwaan talk this an that

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
The yardie dem a new york
Yardie a London
Mi still naw go kneel an go follow back a man
Big up mi yardie dem
Big up mi yardie dme
Mi yardie dem a Miami an mi deh a tea dan
No bwoy cyaa take no yardie fi idiot
Big up mi yardie dem
Big up mi yardie dem

(Repeat Chorus)


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