Vybz Kartel “No I Won’t Stop Bleaching”, Talks Betrayal

Vybz Kartel is waiting patiently behind bars on his upcoming second murder trial set for November 18.

But incarceration is not stopping the self proclaim Worl’Boss from making headlines both for his music and for being controversial.

NEWS: Vybz Kartel Issue Statement On Roach Murder, Bash Police Officers

Last week police officers raided Vybz Kartel jail cell and confiscated items such as DVD player, and MP3 player. But the deejay’s attorney fired back by showing proof of approval by a senior superintendent of police.

Vybz Kartel’s new album Kartel Forever: Trilogy was also released this week. The triple-disc LP saw both new and previously released singles including “Benz Punany,” “Convertible,” “Dancehall Hero,” and his popular new hit “School,” on which he tackles the issue of bleaching among kids in Jamaica.

“No I won’t stop bleaching,” Vybz Kartel told Boomshots. “It’s my skin. But kids are kids you know. Adults smoke, drink, have sex, and bleach. But none of those actions are for kids. So that’s where the concept came from.”

Vybz Kartel also touched on the issue of Popcaan and Tommy Lee betraying him since his incarceration in 2011.

“Betrayed is the order of the day in any money-making business, so yes they did,” Kartel said. “Before I came to jail I booked for Tommy and Papi. Since my remand, they’ve both been signed to new booking agents, people who wouldn’t have looked at them before I turned them into stars, but who are benefitting from my hard work.”

Vybz Kartel added that he is putting that behind him now because “I’m still Vybz Kartel—rich and (soon) happy.”

Do you think Popcaan and Tommy Lee should apologize to Vybz Kartel?

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