Tommy Lee – A Million Lyrics

Gyal mi love the way yo wine
Anytime when yo step inna the dance you a shine
You alone ever grow fi mi mind
You no gudas but yo groom every time

Gyal yo face hi a trick mi
Yo shape it a trick
Teck me number link mi pon mi corner
Inna you mi waan sink mi ship

Gyal yo body worth million, billion, chillion
Pretty car, pretty house, pretty van
You have the gold weh all a the man dem a run down

A billion, every land, nether land, shelly man
Every block, every scheme, every sand
The way yo move yo got the whole pace a bun down

(Verse 1)
Gyal yo meck mi pressure rise
Yo no meck hi fall
Brace up yo, go pon the wall
Meck mi knock hi wid the hammer
Wid the hammer weh tall
Meck mi knock it wid the hammer
Wid the hammer weh tall
Gyal yo supn fi si everyday
That’s when mi run the hammer red and meck hi bun up the edge
Oh God mi sorry fi mash up yo bed
Shi seh yo never haffi run the hammer, hammer so, mi gyal

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Every man a dig fi the gold naw get none
Gyal a you mi a pree
And a you mi a ask fi the gold no question
Cause I gave you all my heart
Pleas don’t take my soul
You give that gold
Mi cyaa believe a get that gold
Now am gonna melt that gold

(Repeat Chorus 3X)


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