Masicka – Greatest Pu–y

How mi love you so?
Miss you when you gone
Yo good pu**y really keep mi calm
Greatest pu**y in a the world

(Verse 1)
Mi love yo pu**y bad, weh you a laugh bout
Bring yo pu**y come a heaven if mi pass out
Mi sober, mi naw drink, mi naw smoke
Mi would a f**K you everyday gyal mi naw joke
Mi no have to put mi wood in a fi are mouth
Big furniture up in a yo small house
Yo pu**y meck mi feel like mi on the north coast
Yo si da pu**y deh mi love it to mi heart don’t

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Girl, yo breast stiff, pu**y tight, mi seh girl wine
Every time yo skin it out mi f**K it like the first time
C**K in a yo pu**Y while mi fingers crawl on her spine
If yo waan fi married now and take it to the church fine
A regular mi call up yo phone line
Reach yo yard fast fi slow wine in a yo gold mine
Yo pu**y perfect, mi no waan no more sign
Mi fi give yo c**key to the grave

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Gyal when mi seh yo pu**y a the greatest
Mi would a f you every night and every day yes
Gyal when mi seh yo pu**y a the greatest
F**K safe sex, mi tek off the latext
Gyal when mi seh yo pu**Y a the greatest
When yo do f**Kry, mi cyaa stay vex
Gyal, when mi seh yo pu**y a the greatest
Mi breed you and naw do no DNA test

(Repeat Chorus)

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