Tyson Beckford Poses Nude With Transgender Model Ines Rau [PHOTO]

Tyson Beckford and Ines Rau.

These photos are what everyone in the model world talking about over the last couple of days.

Model Tyson Beckford poses complete nude with transgender model Ines Rau for French Magazine OOB.

The photos, which were taken by photographer Rodolfo Martinez, saw Beckford posing in the black-and-white clip with Ines Rau.

Who is Ines Rau?

Ines Rau is a 24-year-old transgender model based in New York City. She is famous for undergoing a sex change. She is of French and North African descent.

Who is Tyson Beckford?

Tyson Beckford is a famous African-American model. Both his parents were Jamaicans before migrating to New York where Tyson Beckford was born.

In 2009 Tyson Beckford said in an interview that he is not gay but if he was he would like to date Obama.

Do you think Tyson Beckford is gay for posing nude with a transgender model?

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