Stein – War Get Serious Lyrics

Naw have mi gun and mi naw buss that
Naw have mi gun and mi naw buss that
Bwoy haffi dead lydown in a dove cot
Rifle a knock

(Verse 1)
Bad man a bad man, dem bwoy deh no bad dem a radman
Don’t meck mi si yo wid mi gun in a mi hand
Pam, pam, in a bwoy head shot a slam
Pu**y Popcaan mi no tek violation
No left the tool weh the fire spray from
So none a them bwoy deh cyaa dis mi
Buss gunshot bwoy head a rose like bacon

The war a tun up like radio
How him a move like gay so
Yo shouldn’t meck obia man bathe yo
Pu**Y yuh no bad, wi know yuh a fag
Now the war get serious
Yo violate so the war get serious
Bwoy a act like him evilous
And go a foreign go meck man feel him up

(Verse 2)
Mi a real badman and them bwoy deh fi know
Some bwoy just a talk weh them si in a show
Circle yo ends shot out yo cane row
When yuh a suck off yo boyfriend toe
Hey pu**y popcaan, yuh no badman yuh a bi–h from yo born
Pu**y everybody know seh yo inform
Bout yuh no waan go a prison just like Shawn Storm

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)


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