Larger Than Life, Vybz Kartel God-Like Painting Offended Some Dancehall Fans

Larger than life.

While Vybz Kartel fans may love this painting, some dancehall fans find it very offensive.

The photo has been making it’s rounds on social media this week with mix reactions.

A lot of commentors wrote “Free Worl’Boss,” while other expressed their disdain of the depiction.

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The painting, which was inspired by Ingres’s – Jupiter and Thetis, was done by Jamaican born painter Kavion Robinson.

Kartel god painting

According to Robinson, the painting was done over two years ago

“Someone bought this to my attention that a painting I painted over 2years a go is being talked about as controversial,” Robinson said on Facebook. “My answer was I don’t care someone just looking for attention.”

Do you think Vybz Kartel is a god-like figure in dancehall?

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