Sizzla Fire Burn Gays At Sting 30

Sizzla Kalonji’s beef with the gay community is nowhere near over.

The reggae/dancehall icon was in fine form at last Thursday’s Sting concert at Jamworld, Portmore and gays were not spared the fire.

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Kalonji’s 25-minute set was laced with anti-gay lyrics and he held nothing back. The “Dry Cry” singer also condemned those folks with non traditional sexual preferences.

“I don’t care who want vex, Jamaica naan support no same sex… Them say Sizzla you sing too much anti-gay lyrics, mi just read the bible and get away with lyrics, like machine gun Sizzla blaze more lyrics, education with don’t go stray with the lyrics, burn out the lesbian burn out the gays with the lyrics,” Sizzla rhyme on stage.

Watch footage from Sizzla’s performance at Sting below.

Sizzla’s United States work visa was recently cancelled over his issues with gays, putting a halt to his U.S. tour. However, his management have petitioned for it to be reinstated for the new tour date set for March 2014.

It will be interesting to see the turn of events after Sizzla’s performance at Sting.

The event, held on December 26, was broadcast live on pay-per-view and online.