Justin Bieber Says He Is Retiring, Believe Movie Flop

Justin Bieber announced his retirement from music on Christmas Eve, a day before his new movie “Believe” hit theaters.

“My beloved beliebers I’m officially retiring,” the 19-year-old singer tweeted.

Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun has since stepped forward to address the panic among Beliebers.

“I’m telling him after this movie, I want him to take next year off and just take a break,” Braun told Ryan Seacrest. “He can still live in the studio and work on the next album, which is what he wants to do, but I just want him to take some time to himself, so he can have that time alone cause he’s been working since he was 12 years old.”

Justin Bieber movie “Believe” flopped at the box office.

The new documentary film has performed poorly at the box office at the opening weekend over the Christmas holiday.

The film ranked 14th place after grossing $2.01 million.

Perhaps the announcement of his retirement caused fans to boycott the film or perhaps they were just not interested.