J Amsterdam The First Dancehall Artist To Record This Type Of Song

Dancehall artist J Amsterdam, aka The Freak Messiah, released a new song, “Come Wine Inna Face,” about alternative sexual preferences.

Perhaps Ricky Carty has a point when he said dancehall is going through a revolution. But we are still awaiting a response from the veterans in dancehall.

DETAILS: Dancehall Artiste Ricky Carty Release Graphic Music Video

This week Demarco came under harsh criticism from fans about his new explicit music video “Ride.” But a bold move from Ricky Carty stunned dancehall fans even more when he released a music video of himself having sex with a female.

Over the past decade dancehall artists have been deejaying about receiving this type of act from the opposite sex, but none brave enough to release a song stating they have done it, until now.