Vybz Kartel Trial: Star Witness Positively Identified Vybz Kartel In Recordings

Vybz Kartel is back in the Home Circuit court in Kingston today for his ongoing murder trial.

The dancehall star is jointly charged with protege Shawn “Storm” Campbell, Kahira Jones, André St John, and Shane Williams for the alleged murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams.

DETAILS: Police Dug Up Vybz Kartel Property Searching For Victim’s Body

Today the prosecution introduced its final witness in the drawn out trial and also called back their star witness Lamar Chow to the stand.

Lead prosecutor Jeremy Taylor showed the witness some photographs and he positively identified them to be Vybz Kartel.

The witness also positively identified co-accused, Andre St John, Kahira Jones, who he says he know as Mad Suss and also Shane Williams who he says he know as Terrence.

Vybz Kartel murder trial

The prosecution also played several voice notes in which the witness identified Vybz Kartel.

The star witness also testified about the attack on August 16, 2011 at Vybz Kartel’s house in Havendale. He told the court that he saw Clive “Lizard” Williams’ laying motionless before making his escape.

The Crown is saying the Lizard was beaten to death by the accused men on August 16, 2011 in Havendale over two missing firearm.

A heavy contingency of police officers escorted the star witness to court this morning with his face covered. He was later escorted from the Supreme Court building to an unknown hotel in Kingston.

Police has yet to find Lizard’s body.

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If I know a guy is gonna harm me im not having a long texting convo with no one to call the cops. Does rhat make any sense and what make it worst is that the so called girl didnt even call the cops nor did his sister who said she gave 3000 and the witness said she gave them 1000…? Thats 2000 short jonny would have a field day with this if he was alive

Did the star witness identify the gun the cops catch him with and the two he buried and dont know the location? I wonder if he is gonna walk free now

Hahaha, lizzy in Kenya??? Mi deh, nuh seen him yet but this case ain’t bringing strings together.

This man, must be omnipotent, he is everywhere, let mi look out mi window fi see if mi see him

Lol very funny

Mr. Q, right on, “open up” it don’t stop, really?

How it fi stop baily it can’t stop caz when d the ppl who has d power to do what ever dem want to poor ppl in d name of d law nah show no e.g hence linton n bigga Ford n 90% of jcf.wat u expect?a jus more hatred n vengeance ago develop

Yes, ur right, it remind me, as a man of war, it remind me of the harsh treatments some (USA) Soldiers take part in by kicking in Iraqis and other muslim ppl doors and commit all kind of atrocities and when the terrorists come and bomb our schools or places we are surprised, but why should we. It don’t stop, the cycle of violence will never stop you are right, but it doesn’t mean that the perpetrator should not go unpunished.

Wrong date, wrong machine, wrong terminology, improper chain of custody, no gloves, no dna, no fingerprint – n d man dem still inna jail???

No Gloves, Wrong case, “No Juice” here.

Some of you guys need to shut your mouth, you don’t know law. There is enough evidence to put kartel behind bars.King Fury you stupid

People just scared, so they back out not wanting to say anything. If he is a criminal he need be punish. Obviously he has something to do with it, not saying that the police department in Jamaica don’t have bad cop, but money and fame get to his head that made him feel like he is a God, he feel he can do what he wants

Kartel The Great (KTG) says, he is “infallible”. He suggested that no one can catch him slippin.

C’Mon u kno no man’s perfect so even if kartel say that..u shouldn’t use that againt him….u cud say ur d best star baller in d world but that doesn’t mean that its true…when he said he was “infallible”…d girl was grilling him so he jus say that fi shut she up n move on to d nex question(human nature/instincts) Watever u wanna call it

Mr. Q, well if he said that in that incident,it only lends credence to his pompousness, he keep saying it so he must really believe it and it’s not a slip of the tongue. I was talking about his “Kartel speak his mind” volume 4. Go look it up. If I should following your reasoning, I guess he just had diarrhea of the mouth when he said quote unquote that dancehall is in jail and dancehall can’t run without him. You can call it what you want, I call arrogance, which is what put him in this dilemma.

Free up da world boss! That my ngga i f—s wit em

Addi is gonna mek it. The babylon is full of jokes…. me nuh lyk Gaza but lookin at di stu dis sh*t is a set up…. Lizard is in Kenya as we speak.

lol, o wow

Why don’t he call his family or his girlfriend?

Let me answer that, he is in long Zimbabwe, and can’t afford a long distance call. He is chilling with his pal Mr. Clive, Clive & Clive a parr.

If he can’t afford to call, he can call collect. Moreover, if he can’t afford to call (a few cents) how is he supporting himself and paying for his food. Why is he in Zimbabwe in the first place and how did he get there since the government has no record of him leaving the country.

A dat me a say 2. A him pardie Clive say him ova deh. I was just obliging him, Clive & Clive.

Cuz dat de 1st place den babylon a waitin pon him

Ignorant Jamaican…..

Lizard is in Kenya, did you take him there Clive Zimbabwe. A bunch of illiterate people. Obviously he has something to do with it.

The system in Jamaica mess up because a lot of people there do not want justice they don’t care until they’re in that situation


If the bwoy has some fi do wit it, why don’t they jus lock him up and stop wasting our tym.. if he is dead weh is he. Da bwoy need fi tqught a gud lesson thats why he is on hiding… informa

He chopped him up fine fine and burned the body.

Says who,the jcf?…..how come d informer bwoy nuh kno…he seems. to kno every ting else

Gud lesson, right? Who is better at teaching than Teachers. I guess the Techa did taught him that lesson very well, the very same lesson you had in mind.

Vybz kartel not a saint, I think he has something do with it, this whole thing is about money somebody is paid to cover up.

How d fu– can u use a faulted witness to confirm evidence that has been tampered with to convict sum 1 on trial?that’s unfair,unjust….yuh nah see dem bwoy deh want dem face open up soon as dem step out d court house….chaa smfh

Linton n bigga Ford n dem probably threaten poor lamar fi testify ….he have no choice its either he testify or he end up missing like a lot of other informers who Babylon pressure into doing dem said tingz deh

So, at the same rate Lamar could go missing, you don’t think Kartel The Great can go missing as well if that’s the way Linton n bigga Ford do business. Why bother with the trial, just let KTG, just go missing, don’t?

They try that in a sence by charging him wid double murder hoping that he get lock away fi life to make sure he is missing from d spot light n music but they just realize that he ain’t no push over caz he fighting bac legally. do u realize this is like d fourth time dem a try frame d boss one time dem say him a traffic cocaine another time dem say him a arms dealer n d list goes on n every time dem fail he goes on YouTube n cuss dem out n expose demthey always tryin but dem can’t get close caz he always have ni–az around n his moves r calculated n precise..but he slip up a bit dis time,still he bin doing more for Jamaicans than linton n bigga Ford ever will n they were around kind before him….so a just bad mind… Read more »

Everyday ppl bwall how popo a kill man, u nuh think if the popo wanted kartel missing it would be that hard. Or a KTG so good he was the Teflon Don. The latter o fur statement caught my attention,” his moves r calculated n precise” that is precisely why him think he is infallible. One thing I know still, the man name a call in a too much wrong doings, how come others name name nah call up so, why a him a lone.

Missing just like Lizzy…..

Weh d rasshole a take dem so long to lock up tis bleach out face batty man him his guilty leave too much evidence dnt drop d cake soap jail boss


I believe the trial was set up because a if somebody killed for selling someone else’s illegal guns would not get so much attention. He set himself up. Dem really want Teacha bad. If he go missing he earned it. In the streets I live in everybody would know about it say nothing cause he brought it upon himself. This case would have been shelved in my city.

See …. you’re confirming it …”If he go missing he earned it.” You guys want to murder people and get away with it….guess what turd, it’s against the law!!!!

The case would go missing because there is so many other murders more important than one brought upon one’s self. There are children being killed more than anything right now where I’m from. This case so publicized from all da things should be talk bout but this so big. And murder isn’t always right now always wrong but it different when you do something you know come back to you. He knew something going to happen. Hold you’re breath and ask your mother if she knows anything bout swallowing, we don’t need no more of these incidents

This case is so big because here you have a big star with a big following and he has money and he can employ talented lawyer who can question evidence and twist and turn things and try to blame police and witness as liars to get him off. If this was an ordinary criminal this case wouldn’t last a week and they would be found guilty. But money can’t buy life and certain things, but money can get you off a murder charge which you are guilty of.

It’s not easy choosing a leader. When you choose a leader you are subject to their consequences. I’m loved and hate both same time I come from a background dem think I have wealth but my family take care of everybody. It sometime seem harsh da thing a boss do but you learn sometime you have ta cut dem before dem cut you. Where I’m from third world country look down upon us because dem think we live in luxury. And we do compared to how everyone else lives. What you would call Teacha where I’m from is “cut throat”. My family is not cut throat so after all we do Fa da people deem leave us nothing. No respect if you never cut they take kindness for weakness when you have money. My family is waiting on me to turn everything around its bass you know you have to… Read more »

I hate to say but judging from his testimony earlier in da trial I can’t believe no word of it. I’m a fraternal twin but a boy live two houses down from me look identical and sound identical. See him ten years we from di area at a wedding and still the same. Easy thing to match if dem have money ya know. And if this was true then I’ll tell you what else is true. Lamar Chow the one who set him up. He would have never made it out.

Looks like your dad was playing the “field”. Go take a DNA test, bro and embrace your family.


Can someone tell me why is Vybz Kartel not in prison yet ?