Rihanna Went Bankrupt, Blames Accountant Mismanagement

Who knew Rihanna went bankrupt at one point in her career.

According to the Bajan pop beauty, her previous accountant gave her the greenlight to make so much bad financial decisions that she was bankrupt by the end 2009.

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Remember that was the same year she was assaulted by ex-boyfriend Chris Brown, so clearly Rihanna had a rough year in 2009.

Rihanna currently has a multimillion dollar lawsuit against her former accountant before the courts. TMZ has obtained some docs with details of why Rihanna filed the suit.

The “Diamonds” hit-maker claimed that her accountant allowed her to blew $9 million in just one year. RiRi says her accountant green light to buy a $7 million mansion in Los Angeles that turned out to be a disastrous investment. The house had countless problems including a leaking roof. She ultimate suffered a $2 million loss when she sold it.

Her 2009 Last Girl on Earth Tour also rocked up huge losses and her accountant did not informed her until it was too late.

Rihanna has since bounced back from her financial misery because she is now believed to have a net worth of $90 million.

According to Forbes, Rihanna made a whopping $43 million last year.