Jamaican Billionaires Paid $40,000 For Tessanne Chin To Sing Three Songs

Canadian-Jamaican billionaires Michael Lee-Chin and Raymond Chang got into a bidding war for Tessanne Chin to performed.

Tessanne Chin, the winner of The Voice season five, was being honored at a University of the West Indies fundraising banquet at the Ritz Carlton in Toronto last weekend.

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But Michael Lee-Chin and Raymond Chang who are two very wealthy Jamaican natives bid a total of $40,000 for Tessanne Chin to perform three songs. That’s a whopping $13,333 per song.

Initially the bidding started at $1,000 and stalled at $4,000 at one point before Michael Lee-Chin stunned the audience by bidding $10,000 if Tessanne Chin would perform just one song.

Tessanne Chin pic

Raymond Chang then matched the $10,000 bid if Tessanne would performed two songs. But Lee-Chin bid another $20,000 to make the grand total of $40,000 for Tessanne Chin to perform three songs.

The eventually performed “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” “Redemption Song,” and her smash hit single “Hideaway.”

“I hope you don’t mind if I sing a cappella,” Tessanne Chin said.

The proceeds will go towards a scholarship fund at the University of the West Indies.

Watch the performance below.



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That just proved how cheap they think she is…. If billionaires would pay a token of $40,000 for someone like Tessanne to perform… That’s an insult and being taken for granted.


COME ON!! You can’t be serious saying such nonsense!!

Now If they ask her to sing and strip for free. Then you have a point, otherwise… YAWN!!


Well done. hope their friends will get jealous and follow suite.

NYC one
NYC one

That’s no money if that money is used for a good cause . He is a billionaire .