Masicka – The Truth (Aidonia & J.O.P Diss) [New Music]

Dancehall star Masicka drop a new single “The Truth,” (Aidonia & J.O.P Diss).

Chigger press face dink in
Brain jumping
Grands Pen fire 16 and pumpy
Diss who me? Pu–y hole yuh a drunky
Crime place duppy man meck in a the country
One Tom ready fi bleach like Kartel
Rass hell from mi get cross like Bounty
Which lord evil the pu–y dem a monkey
Shot a buss, body just a jump like bunchy
Mi nah look no hype mi no bloodclaat hungry
Mi friend dem wild like crocodile dunde

Listen full track below.



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Masicka Ave buff song pan radio pu–y. Aidonia flapout. A Gaza might she

Burn gaza
Burn gaza

A who tis idiot ? Mi nuh knw him him have any song pon radio . Yute u caah test lord evil aka aidonia j.o.p. to di world