Vybz Kartel Family Living In Fear Over Informer Story

Given the informer culture in Jamaica, it is not surprising that Vybz Kartel’s family says they are living in fear of their lives.

The Sunday Observer published a story stating that Vybz Kartel, real name Adidja Palmer, gave the police high command information about wanted men and illegal guns in Portmore in an attempt to strike a deal for immunity from the murder case that sent him to prison for life.

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A highly placed source inside the Jamaica Constabulary Force says Vybz Kartel has strong ties to the Klansman gang and gave the police information that lead to the arrest of several wanted men and also the recovery of 17 illegal guns.

Vybz Kartel lawyer has since denied the allegations. But now the “Dancehall Hero” deejay’s family is in fear of their lives.

“This is endangering the lives of Adidja Palmer’s family, his siblings, and his girlfriend, when a news like this come on the radio and we don’t know if it is credible, we don’t know the source… and they don’t think about how it is affecting our lives,” Kartel’s sister, Maureen Nelson-Palmer, said. “Right now I am in fear of my life, ‘Shorty’ (Kartel’s children’s mom) is in fear of her life, the children and all of my brothers and sisters. Everybody is now crying. We thought that when he got sentenced to life in prison it would be over. But that is not the end, it is the beginning.”

Vybz Kartel and his sons

Vybz Kartel, his protege Shawn “Storm” Campbell, his close friends Kahira Jones and Andre St John were all convicted an given life sentences for the murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams.

Vybz Kartel will be eligible for parole in 35 years but the other three men will be eligible up to 10 years prior.

Clive Williams’ body has still not being found.



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the police is showing kartel fans that they dont realy know who kartel is ,and they are exposing him in public to defame him, big artist big murderer big informer, thats your star the more people try to defend.him the more tingz a go come out let.go kartel outta dem brain a big P….y dat .them so in love wid kartel dat wen him wrong him right fi gaza fans Big shame Gaza ites

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Why is his family living in fear? They all say that he is innocent of all charges and not mixed up in any wrongdoings. The man is not a badman and knows nothing about any illegal firearms and murders. Everybody should only be sad that he is incarcerated. If he did not tell the police where guns are and who are wanted or bad, then no one need to worry. Jamaica need fi jus free up all the prisoners dem because no prisoner is guilty. The system set them up, so free dem up. As soon as dem free di prisoner dem, jus dismatle the security forces too and let the dons dem run di ting. That’s the only way Jamaica can be better. A di police dem a commit murder and a blame innocent yute.


This is so much propaganda. Really? Then what happened to his lighter sentence, hm? It’s obvious that whoever is in charge of the corruption is making sure that they end his “reign” in case his appeal is successful. It’s crazy how that they run to media with the wildness and his family targets.IDK which is worse, the “highly placed source” or the media for perpetuating the ongoing charade. It reads like great fiction.

Ross Margarette

On point my man

Ross Margarette

Every thing that is happening some people still can’t see this is a set up its ok to hate the artist but don’t hate the man based on information giving by a crooked police force and a crooked media that takes orders from a crooked government this is a system thats murdered thousands of men women and children how can anyone believe them jamaican artist still sing about freedom in 2014 why because they are not free they live in fear everyday of police they are the ones who should be hated and not trusted


All of the evidence against Kartel is false? All of it? Is that what you want people to believe? The ‘dem’ that you frequently talk about put everything on his phone, video, made up a false witness and told even the accused themselves to make contradicting statements? Did the ‘dem’ also set up gaza slim and pim-pim to tell lie on kartel to the police?
Kartel semen clog up yu brain?


If this story is true then both the Police and the Reporter are fully
aware that once someone is publicly named by them as an “Informer” then
that persons life is in DANGER. The rules of the underworld is that if
they cannot murder the informer then they will murder members of his/her
family! This is a very, very SERIOUS situation. If this is true then
the lives of Vybz Kartel’s family is now in danger. If any harm should
befall them then the Police, the Reporter and the State have FAILED in
their ‘duty of care’. Both the Police + the Reporter have been GROSSLY
NEGLIGENT and both would be liable should any harm come to Vybz Kartel
or his family as a result is this “informant” information being made
public! If the information is untrue the Police and Reporter HAVE MADE


oh dear the family living in fear ..my my A man is dead kartel could of walked away and buy more shoes im sorry this is the consequence of leting down your family your kids .world boss suppose to have sense hes suppose to be intelligent suppose to be di teacher, who the rass give him that name anyway


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I hate the jamacian police gaza man dem no kartel ain’t no snitch so stop ure going to get kids and people kill jah dont sleep

Ross Margarette

I agree with you kartel ain’t no snitch and they are putting his life and his family lives in danger but jah has been sleeping in jamaica since 4ever


Maybe someone should reveal the name of this highly placed source, see how he or she will like to feel threatened… I don’t for a second believe this claim, but lets say for agreement sake that kartel did turn snitch, what ever happened to confidentiality? Since when has it been practice to endanger informa lives?


I agree… never a sources name. Characters of “stories” always have a name

Ross Margarette

The jamaican ssystem is an evil force