T.I. Discredit Rumors Of A Black Eye From Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather did not give T.I. a black eye because TIP just released a video on Instagram to prove it.

But the “Trouble Man” rapper did injured his arm in the brawl that took place early Sunday morning at the Fatburger joint in Las Vegas.

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There have been rumors claiming that Mayweather beat T.I. up but the rapper also denied that ever happened. According to reports, both celebrities security guards separated them before things get physical.

Floyd Mayweather has since apologize to T.I.’s wife Tiny for the things he said during the brawl.

An angry Mayweather could be seen yelling in the video telling T.I. to control his bi–h.

Tiny recently posted this photo of herself and friends hanging out with Floyd Mayweather at his daughter’s birthday party.

It’s one of the pics that angered T.I., who has been rumored to be having marital problems with his wife.