Are YouTube Uploaders Fueling Dancehall Beefs?

Dancehall is a hot commodity on YouTube and some uploaders channels have ballooned into hundreds of thousands of subscribers and millions of views.

But now some uploaders of dancehall music on the popular video sharing platform are being blamed for fueling dancehall beefs.

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Several artists have been complaining that some songs labeled as diss songs towards other artists are not in fact diss tracks. But uploaders are adding their own titled to the songs to raw more attention to their channels.

Take the recent case of the beef between Bounty Killer and his former protege Mavado.

Reps for the Gully Gad told DancehallHipHop that some songs released last year that were labeled as Bounty Killer diss are not diss songs.

“The folks behind these channels who are adding these title to the songs should contact the artists first because this can be misleading if the song is not a diss aimed at anyone,” the rep told us.

But one YouTube uploader name Lando G told the Gleaner that some artists are taking subliminal diss.

“When they upload the songs as dis songs it’s normally a subliminal di,” he said. “A artiste will dis a next one and don’t want to say it out and be frank or real. So we just give it the right caption to let the people know what is going on.”

The debate continues. Do you think YouTube uploaders are fueling dancehall feuds?

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