Chilando – Watch Dem Lyrics

Mi a watch dem
Mi a listen when dem chat
Naw meck dem lick out mi head back
Mi a watch dem when dem go pon the block
Naw meck dem catch mi inna dem trap
Mi a watch dem from way back
Know seh dem a real problem

Dem bwoy deh mi no fraid a
Only the creator
Can tell mi tek mi eye off dem

(Verse 1)
Cyaa page mi pon no lane
Or pon no main
Fi buss mi head meck mi blood run inna drain
Mi no red eye so me dem cyaa go tame
Seh dem bad, but mi know wi no bad the same
Watch mi a watch dem a pree me
Waan fi lock off mi life like a TV
But nuff a dem bwoy deh no know mi
No know seh Spartareble side man grow me

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Tommy Lee tell you already fi watch dem hi no
But mi haffi tell yo one more time
Mobay the one dem weh pree yo car an yo house
Octane seh dem born bad mind
That’s why mi know weh fi draw my line
Don’t haffi guess dem face show sign
Meck a wrong move and si if yo head no tear out
Dem no care if the sun just shine

(Repeat Chorus)

No give dem nothing
Nothing at all
A dem same one a pray fi yo fall
No give dem nothing
Nothing at all
Dem waan yo face hide behind wall
No give dem nothing, nothing at all
Police pon the scene your name dem call
No give dem nothing, nothing at all
Badmind people

(Repeat Chorus)


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