RHOA: Phaedra Parks Divorcing Husband Apollo Nida

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Phaedra Parks is reportedly filing for divorce from her estrange husband Apollo Nida.

Appolo is gearing up to start his 8-year prison sentence for money laundering and credit card fraud.

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Things started to go further downhill for the couple when Apollo admitted that he tried to have an affair with Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore. Apollo admitted that he lied about to Phaedra telling her that Kenya was the one pursing him because he didn’t want her to find out the truth.

His admission has caused Phaedra to take a leave of absence from the Real Housewives of Atlanta because of the embarrassment.

According to reports, she is already moving to file for divorce and will be preventing their kids from seeing Apollo in prison.

During a recent interview with Be100 Radio, Apollo Nida says his marriage could be over because Phaedra didn’t even show at his sentencing hearing.

“I doubt it,” Apollo said. “I mean my wife didn’t even show up for my f***in’ sentencing so you know I’m still kind of- I’m still salty about that.”



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I Digress
Further more Kenya treated RHOA as a sitcom, an acting gig, while the others were trying to play by reality show rules. It is just a job for Kenya who doesn’t even live in Atlanta. ATL is just the set that she goes to work on…As an actress Kenya wanted to mock the other women lives…taking in all they wanted to share with her and in her presence to be used against them later, while giving them very little of herself. She was brilliant in getting under Nene’s skin as Nene did not know what to do with someone so conniving. No one really knew what Kenya was going to be up to next so they became apprehensive around her….I’ve read that she takes this same character onto the Apprentice and is pretty much viewed the same way…Should be interesting to see what antics she brings to RHOA next season,… Read more »
Oh please is this article about kenya or Apollo. Apollo is the one that has been accused lying, doing identity theft, stealing and etc. Nene was fighting with one cast member after another each season. She fought with sheree, Kim, Dwight, Phaedra, Marlo and kenya. I don’t see you putting your analysis on her. When RHOA first started NeNe was the villian then and she changed and became and different character. If you are going to accuse Kenya of being a villain then you better put that on Nene to or Kim who was actually going out with a married man. I think next season she will be fine, it has been reported she is going out with someone now. All the women in RHOA are all acting one way or another, all of them not just kenya. I have watched real housewives of atlanta from the beginning from season… Read more »
I Digress
The viewers got to see Kenya being just a vulnerable as we saw her being nasty. The other women only saw Evil Kenya. If you remember, the times when Kenya was vulnerable the other women were not around. When she discussed wanting children with her aunt, speaking with her dad about the rejection of her mother,…etc. She would never show her vulnerable side while with the other women until the last couple of episodes when she invited a few of them to go to the witch doctor to bless her womb and then to those same women when her dog died. When Kenya filmed with the women she was either throwing shade from something she had previously heard about them or trying to provoke one of them or their guest to get a reaction that she could talk about in her confessionals. Kenya established her character on the show as… Read more »

To me Kenya seemed genuine when her dog died and at the Mexico Vacation, she wanted to get closer, I didn’t see shay at all. Even nene and phaedra admitted it in the reunion that they felt she was genuine when it came to her dog so stop spinning facts. Kenya is not perfect at all and we all know that but this article proves apollo has been lying about kenya from the beginning(regardless of how you feel about her) and his behaviour has caught up with him and he is going to jail.

apollo is selfish wrong for what hes done he also knew better to do what he has did. phadra park has every rights to leave divorce him too for his behaviors actions as well.

Precious Micheal

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Phaedra fell for Apollo in college and married him upon release from prison. She, like many, thought she could make him into a family man. Instead, he disrespected her left and right. She has nothing to be ashamed about because she has always made her family a priority and works her “donkey butt” off to support them. She doesn’t owe Kenya an apology because the level of flirting was disrespectful. We really don’t know if Apollo really apologized. If he did, we don’t really know if he did it because Kenya agreed to be his “ride or die chick” while he’s in prison this time around. I’m thinking this is the case and he was the Sugar Daddy buying Kenya the many gifts. Honestly, don’t think anyone is going to be there after waiting for 8 years and then having to pay back the millions stolen. First wait, to go… Read more »

Phaedra probably wrote those lies herself. And we all know what a liar she is. She even lied about her baby’s due date, when it was obvious that an eight lb baby wasn’t premature.

It’s a resume for crying out loud. People always fudge that stuff. If Phaedra had some money she would be taking a real leave of absence during these most trying times.

As it is, she’s only taking a few episodes off because she needs the money. That’s crystal clear.

She has all this money and yet she chooses to drag her children through this mud? She chooses to suffer the humiliation of her huzzband going to jail on national TV, when she could sit back and rest on her bankroll?

If she has money, then she’s an even bigger fool than I thought.

Those thing can be verified on a resume and I am sure the government has went over her income with a fine tooth comb to be sure she was not holding anything that belong to the people that her husband stole money from. Since when do you know more than the FEDS? Until she is arrested for something you are way off base. Why is she not arrested and charged along with her husband? If she was part of it, you do not think that they are capable of linking her by her spending habits? Really, they know what to do. You are not interested in facts but just more insinuating without any proof of fact or even just cause when you look at everyone involved. Criminals lie, but you sure want to believe them after they have been caught. He did the crime, Phaedra should not have to stop… Read more »

I don’t even read you anymore.

You do not have to, but others do, and I reply for not only you but for others with that same view you have. Kill many birds with one stone. : D


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Being broke isn’t a crime, stealing money is the crime. And yes, her salary isn’t bad at all. So I don’t understand how she can be broke, unless someone believes everything Moose says.


Amen couldn’t have said it better myself


Dude must like that jail life…. I don’t feel sorry for his gay ass….

Kap Diva

That ho just wanted some light skinned kids anyway lol


Ha! Funny.


Yup! with cully hair.


LOL, at Phaedra loved Apollo. I think that’s too funny.

Most of the women on this board has encountered a guy that wasn’t so good to them or lied etc. Who in their right mind is happy for divorce, Phaedra loved Apollo, bad boy or not, she loved him. She gave it her all. You can’t tell me that you wouldn’t have wanted to hold and love a man like Apollo. I would fight for my man and if I found out terrible things I would gracefully walk away. Not the hood way, fighting , cursing and degrading. If you are smart and know God, education (life) and business, Phaedra handled her business, kept smiling and now is walking away to recover. She is probably devastated. I know that all of you have been in this position and are probably single now. Based on all of the the negativity and praises for Apollo and Kenya’s affair, crimes and harm that… Read more »
I would not put much trust in anything Apollo says, he is to desperate, angry and all over the place right now in this stage of his life. One thing is sure, he will say/do whatever he can say to swing anything to his advantage at this point. He has nothing left so he just trying to get in where he can fit in. LOL No one is putting money on your books Apollo. You had it all and you blew it. Stop trying to piss your wife off before you go because she is not acting like you want her to act. You messed up now deal with it. You had your chance to be all up in the limelight and tell your story. YOU BLEW IT! KAPUT! No one falling for your game but weak individuals who take your words as facts when you have nothing to lose… Read more »

If you don’t put trust in anything Apollo says then Kenya shouldn’t be an issue for you. Why would you be saying that Kenya went after him, which was a lie that came from Apollo?



That’s a matter of opinion. But when it comes to Kenya; jealous much?
And women are no better than men and vise versa. Niether one belong on a pedestal. People are people.

Nothing is opinion, he is a con-artist. Kenya likes married men, and both are facts, even if you fail to realize them as facts that can be verified. I am specific in who I speak about, I have not said anything about men and women, you did. Pedestal who is on a pedestal? This is about right and wrong. PERIOD. I am no “beauty queen”, but I am far from unattractive as well. I am beautiful and I am a queen in my own right. I could have done pageants, just never saw the need/want. I do not know Kenya and have nothing to be jealous of. I have never been a jealous person. I guess it is because of my upbringing. I just believe what is for me is for me, and what is for others is for them. Because I look at unhealthy behavior as such on Kenya’s… Read more »
No. But thanks for getting personal. Did it EVER occur to you that Kenya did it DELIBERATELY to get even ? Last time. Kenya confided (for T.V. anyway) to Phaedra that her mother denied her and gave her to her father and that her mother tells people she had no children ; and that her mother suffers from mental illness. After Phaedra got the ammo she was looking for, she took that information and called Kenya crazy. She said it ran in her family. Constantly. BEFORE Apollo. She was hurt and she got EVEN. Apollo volunteered his stupid self. she could see he liked her – and she used him. What goes around….. Nobody wants Apollo’s jailbird, married behind. NOBODY. Good for Kenya. But If you REALLY want to ask yourself something; ask yourself why Apollo wanted to disrespect Phaedra. That’s the bigger question. What was really going on in… Read more »
I do not care why Kenya did it, it was not ladylike for her and in her best interest to do that. I have already said it was not a nice thing for Phaedra to do Kenya like that in regards to her mother. Maybe Phaedra has more knowledge of what she is speaking about than you and I could gather? Who does look a little crazy dealing around someone else husband. Mental illness is hereditary that is a known fact, but Phaedra did not have to rub that in either. Getting even should not put you in a place of danger, which is not where Phaedra placed herself after saying those things to Kenya, yet Kenya has to get even by placing herself in dangers way? Not smart, and it should not be condoned. Yet when she is physically assaulted by Porsha she calls the cops not understanding that… Read more »

Why do soo many women who act like their stuff don’t stink lie down with the biggest BUMS? I never understood this phenomenon.

Because some women goes off of chemistry alone, and feel that they are being honest to their heart regardless of what anyone thinks. To thy own self be true and they take pride in that fact. Unfortunately, living life is also more than just chemistry. It is also finding a person who values what you value, have the ability to communicate, problem solve, give as well as take, be open to change and healthy growth in life, able to admit/know when they are wrong and stop doing that behavior, be honest without being demanding in issues that are not that serious, so that your honesty does not becomes stubbornness, plus so much more, etc. etc. etc. When chemistry become routine, what is left over after that to take you to the next level while sustaining the marriage? Answer the tough questions first, and put chemistry on the back burner, because… Read more »

Good post. I don’t think it’s chemistry, I think the focus on the fake superficial stuff is what gets them in trouble. How else would an “educated” woman not be able to see such a BUM for what he is? Not having an education or job and a prison record was right in front of her face from the door.

You mean you do not think that it is chemistry alone…

I believe there is some truth in that statement.

I do not think it is superficial more than chemical attraction, as these ladies can buy their own superficial things.


What I’m talking about is superficial qualities like the SWAGGA thing. Many are learning that a bum with swagga is still a bum.



Phaedra had to remain poised, to the end. Finding out that your husband is cheating and breaking the law, and you have a legal contract with RHOA. Come on what would you do?


Shady is the most criminal and unethical


Phaedra was in on it


Well, when we said Apollo was lying, people didn’t believe that either. Now he’s coming out and admitting it. We were right before and we’ll be right again.

It’s just a matter of time.

She did not need Apollo’s money.


Read above post.

She did not need his money. He is the one trying to keep up with his wife, not the other way around.

Where do you think Phaedra’s “money” comes from? She is on record as having only prosecuted seven cases in her career. So, where is all of this money she’s supposed to have? Being a lawyer doesn’t automatically make you successful. She profited from Apollo’s ill gotten gains, remember the lavish parties? In all of her seasons on the show she’s litigated two cases, (I think). The criminal in the parking lot and Sheree’s case which she lost even though Bob represented himself. She lost to a layman, and you believe she’s rich and successful? Kenya also gets paid more than her, so if Kenya’s broke, so if Phaedra. Why else would she be holding onto her Bravo check if she could afford to go without it? She’s willing to take herself and her family through the wringer just to keep getting that paycheck. Without Apollo’s thievery, she’s broke. Let’s see… Read more »
Everything she does is not shown on camera due to confidentiality in some cases. per http://phaedraparks.com/aboutus.htm Phaedra has served as a legal analyst for HLN during the Zimmerman Trial, NBC and Fox News during the Michael Jackson trial, Entertainment Tonight, Celebrity Justice, EXTRA, Court TV and various local news outlets. In addition to an analyst, Phaedra has also been featured in numerous media publications such as – Newsweek, People, XXL, Rolling Out, JET, King, Source, US Weekly, People.com, the L.A. Focus, The Boston Herald, the Atlanta Journal Constitution and The New York Times. Phaedra has offered her legal expertise on public issues while serving as a featured as a regular guest speaker on broadcasts for Atlanta’s Hot 107.9, V-103, Newstalk 680, and WAOK. While diversifying her career in the law, Phaedra successfully worked as the consulting producer and talent for one of BET’s most highly viewed shows, Tiny & Toya… Read more »

You just have to be to connect the dots. Everything they’ve said has been proven to be a lie. Sometimes people have to use their brains.


Prove it….. OK that shut it!


Prove it……OK that shut it!


She pretends to be ethical. She’s been sleeping around for free. Now she’s broke.


Yeah, they say Phaedra’s name is mud in Atlanta. No one takes her seriously. That act she puts on is so transparent.


Calling Mr. Wille!! I need some help!


Pretends she’s been telling the truth all along, read the article again lol. The thing that Apollo the criminal has been accusing Kenya for has been proven to be lies.

Skip Apollo right now, his word can not be trusted. Now what did Kenya portray on television before America’s eyes? Kenya was attracted to him and she let it be known. Apollo just want her to put money on his books. Cute guys think they can get by on their looks with women that they look better than. They just dog them out and move on to the next “more than happy” person with low self esteem.

Ok. Lets skip Apollo for a minute. Why are there so many negative stories floating around about Phaedra’s character? There are former associates willing to go on record against a “brilliant” attorney. -not just one- many. They are accusing her of sleeping with their husband, cheating on her own partner, running a prostitution ring, having a boy AND girlfriend at the same time-You name it, it’s out there about Phaedra. Lets not forget her infamous title of Head Dr. that she seems more known for than her J. D. Uphold that! This is real life- not reality BS. If it is infidelity you so abhor then, why are you not just as upset with Phaedra? Is EVERY body lying on her too? How many people in Kenya’s community, or of her business associates have you heard come forward about her character in any negative way? I think that answer is… Read more »
I have not seen anyone step up and say those things, except Nene with the head doctor comment, and I do not put much into that because men can say anything and think they get a free pass. Those that are speaking for them to know, then they must have been doing the same thing, if it is true. How are you going to know the personal details of a person life unless you are participating or lying or speaking hearsay(which is not fact)? You played that game in school where the teacher tell a child something and he has to tell another child, when it gets to the last child, the story is not even what the first child said. : ) So you discounted from the start with me with that old ish. It is one thing for something to come from the horses mouth, then for it… Read more »
I am blessed. Thanks. I just know that something in the buttermilk ain’t clean. @ the ref to Jesus- wow. Okay, – so that is one analogy I will just pull right on off the table at the jump. Sorry. Have you ever asked yourself why so many chose Phaedra to lie on? No one else. Just Phaedra? What do you consider the horses mouth? So, Apollo and Phaedra’s accusations can be the horses mouth as Kenya is concerned but those accusing Phaedra are just gossiping? Screwy logic. Well then, how about the things we certainly have 1st hand knowledge of based on what we have witnessed ourselves. She is a woman who: revels in chicks with d*cks, watching strippers who service themselves, is overly obsessed with women’s private parts, loves strip clubs and seizes every opportunity to ref the size of a mans package, marries a man fresh out… Read more »
Most Welcome. Using Phaedra’s words in which case I would defer to facts and hold the assumptions, until legitimate additional facts become available. Think if that was you in her position and you were innocent. Those children father are already gone and you pushing for the mother to be sent to prison to. If she deserves it is one thing, but if she does not that is an entirely different thing. Jesus said he was married to the backslider. The backslider says he is not going to do a certain wrong thing again and then goes back and does it. Jesus forgives, but that does not mean he accepts the wrong they did, He just forgives it. Even with Him being around people that no one else wanted to be around, society casted Him into the group with all the rest of the lawbreakers, even as He was there trying… Read more »
Very interesting. So if someone accused Phaedra of criminal acts that she herself was involved in, is that not the horses mouth? If another woman says she slept with her husband (same thing she accused Kendra of) and the same woman said she was approached by her to discuss running a prostitution ring- is that not the horses mouth? If a man said he ran some illegal “errands” for her-is that not the horses mouth? If a man says he witnessed her having a lovers spat with another woman while she was in a relationship with a man….? There are more horses out there than you can shake a stick at. Lol Of course, I would never push for an innocent person to be sent to jail- but that’s just it. I don’t think she is innocent. Just too much bad stuff now. My point in referencing the low brow… Read more »
I have already stated that the horses’ mouth should not be clouded in more criminal activity itself than the person they are speaking on. Phaedra is someone who has not been charged with illegal activity. They got busted and are at wits end in their lives, they have nothing to lose. I also do not believe in a criminal profiting from rating a person out. It should be done without profit if they are inclined to tell the truth. It would have a little more merit. That is nothing more than another con fattening their pockets which Stanton was doing in the first place, now she trying to do it by bashing a woman who has not been charged in any activity and she can not prove it, with facts, only speculation with claims of Phaedra’s sexual explicit undertones to help booster her claims. It could stem from who Phaedra… Read more »
Nyella2 I have to say you were making some sense to me before this post. “the horses’ mouth should not be clouded in more criminal activity itself and speaking on someone who has not been charged with that same activity. I thought you were dealing in facts but a lot of what you stated is not factual. You have only super imposed your criteria for truth and it is very flawed. If your statement were true many crimes would not be solved. That includes murder, espionage, theft, rape, negligence- you name it. Many times the person involved in that crime is giving up his partner. Moreover, people not involved in crimes many times have falsely accused others. Your rationale makes no sense and leaves a lot of criminals on the street. You also say: I also do not believe in a criminal profiting from rating a person out. It should… Read more »
Once again those are criminals speaking on criminals. Since when do criminals speak on law abiding citizens as the norm? Rarely, and only then where there is abundance of corroborating evidence that back them up, and it is still hard to convict, due to the nature of being a criminal and their activities is cause to double guess them. Speaking on another criminal is one thing, doing so on a law abiding citizen with no criminal past is another. Once again you are attaching Phaedra to Apollo by virtue of marriage! Her behavior is hers and Apollo’s acts are his alone. She has not been charged with any crime, so I will not believe that all these criminals are not speaking out on her from experience involving her, until an arrest is made. Any criminal can very easily point a finger for an excuse, you know that. How much more… Read more »
Nyella, You are talking in circles. The point is That when one person is being accused by many of the same crimes – they are probably not law abiding citizens. Just because a judge has not told you that doesn’t mean it isn’t true. Your comments prove you know absolutely nothing about how the law, legal system works. Besides, Who asked you to put her in jail or take her away from her children?? Fact: Criminals put other “innocent” criminals behind bars everyday all day. And there is no criteria in law that says you cannot be guilty of said crime to testify against someone else who has never been convicted of a crime. -no matter how much you disagree with that logic it happens. Everyday. Fact: everyone involved in that fraudulent ring was on hard times, desperate for money with nowhere else to turn. Including Apollo who said even… Read more »


Go ahead and shake your head, but thoughts leads to behavior, and behavior to actions, and actions to harm. So the harm Kenya caused to Phaedra is discounted in your book as she is his wife and it is not only for Apollo to respect, it is for everyone to respect marriage regardless of what they think of it. You are saying it is okay what she did to Phaedra and it is not as a respectful woman regardless.

I’m SMH too! It seems some people are going to go down in the flames Phaedra is so desperately trying to put out. I’m certainly glad too, that I know what love looks like and it is very different than what I have viewed between Phaedra & Apollo! In fact it seems everyone in her life that has been accused of crime fits the same profile. You know: down on their luck, poor and desperate. Lets think about all the people accusing and connected to her who fit that profile. I will leave you to connect those dots- and I know you will. Lol To deduce that Apollo would be smart enough to operate alone on his admitted crime spree yet, dumb enough to think at this point Kenya would now put money on his book is just flat out ludicrous to put it nicely. (I can’t even believe I’m… Read more »

Not only going down in flames, but trying not to go down without a fight.

At first it’s funny, but then you realize that these people actually see people like Phaedra and Nene as role models. Then, it’s not funny anymore.

I guess you’d have to live the life in order to understand.


He actually came out and said he lied and some people simply won’t accept it.

Yes and Apollo has a track record of lying and deceiving people. Yet this time he telling the truth with out a motive. Yea right. He just want her to put money on his book. Kenya I am going to the moon, okay, you be careful.


It was obvious that Apollo was lying, because what he was saying didn’t make sense. When he said he met up with Kenya, Kenya was out of the country.

So many of us already knew he was lying. It’s funny how some people believed him when he was lying, but don’t believe him when he tells the truth.

That’s hilarious.

Some people also believe Kenya’s behavior that coincide the words that are coming out of Apollo’s mouth. It is all relative.


Your right, It doesn’t surprise me

Apollo just want someone to put money on his book. Quit falling for that con artist.


Kenya is nasty and broke. She will never amount to nothing. Cheap twirl.


She has more class than shady will ever have…and shady was the head doctor…pollo is the Patsy and he’ll scream like a biatch if shady reneges her support….can’t wait to see her smarmy southern Belle face behind bars


I love this post. So true.


She makes 600,000 per season, she’s not broke lol. non of the casts are broke but two are wealthy which is nene and kandi, so they are all fine. Its apollo that wont amount to anything

And most of it goes fast renting homes and cars, clothes, makeup, keeping up appearances, etc. etc. Did you not see Apollo not have those issues, and he still went thru millions of dollars of other people money?


You don’t know what’s in her bank account. You really don’t.

I know she was shown on the show, living in a small apartment that had she have the income of which you speak, she would not have been there in an apartment that I would not have stayed in. Which lends credit to that lady filing eviction on Kenya evicting her out of the home that she was renting for not paying the full amount of the lease, which Kenya denied. I may not know what she has in her bank account, but I know that you do not live a certain way on a certain income. If that was all she could afford, I get that, even if I would not live there. I also know she is how old and still does not own her own home. Home ownership shows stability of income according to a banking institution, wishful thinking is not credible or supported by any institution… Read more »

You do know Bravo paid Nene’s rent for seasons, don’t you?

Kenya won her case against the landlord. They taped it. She also sold her home in LA to come to Atlanta.

You have not been paying attention. It seems that you’ve missed big chunks of what really went down.

This is not about Nene, this is about Kenya and Bravo is not paying her rent so what does it matter in relation to what is being discussed as the topic at hand? She won the case, but it showed she was living beyond her means if she could not go out and rent the same thing she had prior to moving out of that home. If I rent an apartment, I can move out and rent a similar apartment in that same price range on short notice, or long notice. You do not seem to be able to grasp that point. I do not have to wait an take a step back and work on doing it and save up to do it as I am in my income bracket and it is comfortable and normal to do without thinking, waiting, or having to save up for it, those… Read more »

Is she the one going to jail for fraud, identity theft, etc or the one going through a divorce with a criminal lol. She gets paid 600,000 per season she is not broke just acts as if she is wealthy when she is not. Non of the casts are broke lol but only two are wealthy NeNe and Kandi


she deserves what she gets, she is so full of herself and arrogant.

I cant wait for next season of real housewives of atlanta lol and how Phaedra will be acting, all she knew was to talk about Kenya left and right about her chasing her dumb husband, having a serial killer sperm and etc. Look who has the criminal sperm now Phaedra(your children) from your jail bought husband Apollo. I knew Apollo was making up stories from how he was getting his money to pay strippers or meeting Kenya is a hotel which was LIEs. Kenya is not perfect but this anti-kenya nonsence last season is going to bight Phaedra, Nene, Apollo on the butt next season. I only feel sorry for Phaedra’s son, may God be with them. I never cared for Apollo, all he had going for him was his looks(“don’t drop the soap APOLLO”). I lost respect for phaedra after the reunion. some of the things she said against… Read more »

She’s already starting on Cynthia, rehashing that old reunion drama. I hope Cynthia is ready for her. She’s classily putting the Moose in her place. Nene may regret coming back.


It’s true NeNe should watch out next season but I wish Cynthia good luck next season but I think she will be fine though. I think next season it is going to be Nene vs Cynthia and Marlo


Probably. She has to find someone to scapegoat. It’s in her DNA.


Kenya is uncalled for…With her rock hard breast and ass too match!!!! #stillwhoreMoore.


Phaedra is uncalled for….With her rock hard breast and donkey ass too match


The head doctor is the real ho. That should be obvious to everyone based on her behavior.


You got that right. Everything Phaedra has said has been proven to be a lie, and people are still believing her?





So there you go. The truth, as some of us have always known.
She should be embarrassed- running her mouth about other folks marital status, ability to get a man and would be prospects to father their children. Now look at her- she married a man who held every trait she ridiculed and to top it off he tells the world he wanted another woman. The woman she hated most. A joke for the ages.
One might be inclined to feel bad for her if she wasn’t so ridiculously self righteous, smug and condescending.
Can’t wait for him to spill the beans on all those other lies we already know the truth about.


It was crystal clear that he was a liar. What’s so funny is how Apollo is just now a liar, but in Kenya’s case, they uphold the lies.

Either he’s a liar, or he’s not, in which case Kenya should be vindicated, right?

Ironically, some people were actually upholding the “they were in love,” even though Apollo was treating Phaedra like dirt every time the cameras rolled.

They too were bragging how Phaedra had a “huzzband” and Kenya didn’t. Only to now find out he wanted Kenya all along.

Looks like egg on Phaedra’s and her posse’s faces now, to me. Phae Phae is humiliated for all the world to see.



Exactly, Bobbi, we called this charade from the beginning. It was obvious who was doing the pursuing from the onset, which is why Phaedra’s smug, condescending ways were so offensive. Now Apollo just blew it all up in her face.

Apollo was messing with all kinds of women and Phaedra knew it, she also knew Kenya wasn’t one of them, but she played the game and she got burnt.

No better for her. It couldn’t have happened to a better person. She deserves all she got and more.

Now on to the deposition where she has to put her hand on the Bible, which she’ll lie again, and get busted for the entire world to see.

jacqueline briscoe

The woman Phaedra dislikes most now is Phaedra.

Michelle Holmes

He finally admits that he was trying to get with Kenya and he is mad that Phaedra did not come to his court hearing?!? SMH

Skip that con-artist. He just throwing stones because he is on the verge of losing everything.


Kenya was still messy about the situation and did things to make it seem like she was interested in him too. So she still don’t get props from me (a married woman of 18 years).

Seem, she was interested. When a wife tell you to stay away from her husband, you stay away. Better yet, what you hanging around someone else husband for? No one should have to tell any woman who is not related to stay away from my husband.


She also told Apollo to stay away from Kenya, and he said he would do whatever he wanted to.

Married men are always coming after single women. Look at the statistics.

That does not make it right. What is your point? Look at the statistics of divorce today, then after doing so do not learn from it?


Men ( the majority anyway) like to chase, not to be chased.
And they generally don’t take no for an answer. You really have to force it; and sometimes, not even then…
Whatever his reason(s) Apollo did exactly what he wanted to do. Blame him why don’t you?


I don’t get it either. That’s too twisted for me. My issue would be with my mate. As far as I know married men are not supposed to disobey their vows.

Apollo lusted after Kenya. He lied on her repeatedly and acted like a juvenile when he didn’t get his way. End of story.


I meant. Why don’t THEY.




She deserved it.


She sure did deserve for her husband to lust after a beautiful woman. Phaedra was just an ugly, fat repository that he used. After six years in prison she was a darn fool to hook up with him. That’s just nasty.

Renee Mac

Thought you said in an earlier response that “God don’t like ugly”. And here you are in this later response being just that, ugly.


Sounds like you’re a Phaedra fan, but that still doesn’t stop me from not liking ugly behavior, criminal, head doctors, etc.

To each his own.

That is how some people have gotten killed and I try to not uphold violence so prevention goes along way in the cure of violence. Prevent yourself from being misunderstood in your intentions in regards to someone else spouse. You do not egg it on, which Kenya did. (Kenya to Phaedra: That not what your husband want.) She said that to Phaedra and you are upholding her messiness.


She’s not married. HE is. She didn’t try to have an affair, HE did. Kenya didn’t want him. And she didn’t like Phaedra either. So she handled it the way she felt like handling it. Bottom Line: She didn’t owe them a thing.


When will women understand that the person who made a vow with them is the person who owes you trust and commitment?

No, they want to blame the women who was approached by their triflent, shiftless husband.That’s so they can continue to trust in the lying snake that they sleep with.

Utter deflection.


You are speaking the truth. AMEN!


This man admitted he lied and all that he said happened, didn’t happen. Unreal.


Some of these people blow my mind. Some married men have done this for ages and these people still blame the woman. That is bat$%&! crazy.

This acquaintance of mine ran into her boyfriend on the street talking to this girl. She cussed the girl out. Then, she was telling me like I would think that was smart. I blocked her number. I don’t have time for ignorance like that. Total stupidity, I don’t deal with idiots like that.

So what that mean it is okay to hang around married men as a single woman? NOT! Apollo is a proven con-artist and you still believing him at this point of his life? Ok? NOT! She do not owe them a thing, but she should care about her reputation as a single woman. If she does not owe them anything, why she hanging around? Clearly not for Phaedra attention. LOL


Hang around him in public, with the entire cast around?

She was only talking to him to get him to apologize on camera.

She should have went thru his wife, as he was a married man. Her running after him only tarnished her reputation further.


Oh stop it.

Apollo shouldn’t texted her. Period. Apollo is the one who’s supposed to realize he’s married.

She never ran after him. Where did you get that? From Phony Phaes lying lips, LOL?

Apollo admitted that he lied. Why are you still holding onto his lie? I don’t get it. He’s admitted it twice. HE MADE IT UP!

Yes she did why was she told to stay away from him? Apollo has no problem with lying.


After the way Phaedra talked about her mother. And kept making fun of her mother? All bets are off. She made fools of them both – and for the record, I don’t blame her.She had it coming.

If Phaedra one then Kenya is as well. Who tells a wife her husband wants her in his life, and she is not a relative but a single woman who loves showing off her body and loves the attention that stems from it? Yet everyone but her are fools. Not!


Phaedra was horrible to Kenya. She’s simply getting paid back for her nasty ways, and Kenya didn’t have to raise a finger. God don’t like ugly and look who came out on the short end.

Fake Phaedra. I have no sympathy for her at all.

And, I love that she no longer has a husband, since she coveted it so much.

Ha ha ha. I guess she has no self worth now, going by the way she thinks.


She won’t be off licking her wounds for long. She wants the money too much. We’ll see her true thuggishness soon enough. But her self worth couldn’t have been all that much to begin with, judging from the huzzzband she chose.


I wonder how many lavish parties she’ll have now that hubby’s in the clinker. She’s supposed to be so independently wealthy and successful.

I’ll wait.


Do not hold your breath. And why would a successful attorney venture into the mortuary and pet funeral business; do booty videos or whatever else sticks? They wouldn’t.

I know. People write their own resumes and fudge the mess out of them. Since I don’t believe one word that comes out of her mouth, she may as well have written White House Correspondent, International Spy, and lawyer for Bill Gates as well as a whole bunch of other things. It’s just more bile coming from a wretched woman. Anyone who comes on national TV and lies through their teeth about their due date and later pretends the baby came early, and expects someone to believe it is crazy. If Phaedra was a successful attorney she wouldn’t have time to pursue all of those other ventures. There’s only so many hours in a day. If she did all of those things while holding down an attorney role, those children were neglected. Oh wait. Her mother was raising them. Another sin for the money grubber, because we know Apollo wasn’t… Read more »

You can not fudge income and taxes as easily as you think.

She went there because Kenya was not acting as if she had been raised by a mother. Which could have been on point, but that was mean to say even if it was the case. She can not help that her mother did not want to be a part of her life. No child should have to be responsible for their parents behavior, but as an adult you have to move past it, and make sure that you are not allowing that dysfunction to control you life in any way as well.


what she should not have done, was to throw her mother in face. Extremely low. I was done with her from that point onward. I don’t care for Phaedra. Or Apollo for that matter. I like Kenya. THE END.


Phaedra has a long history of doing very vile things. That was beyond low. Hence, I see nothing redeeming about her either. She is vicious. Period.

I might would like her more if she would grow up and act her age instead of taunting everyone else’s life when her life need her own attention and focus. Kenya is not as successful in her endeavors as the rest of the cast and trying to make fun of their lives when they are better off than she is, regardless of what we think, shows jealously on Kenya’s part. Especially since Kenya is following in Nene’s shadow, with her charity organization, going on Donald Trump, to jet-set her income and do what Nene has done to secure her own future. She copied Phaedra’s work out DVD. Yet she is the one trying to come up off of their directions in life and their ideas. Really? She is upset with Porsha because Porsha is the eye candy of the show and not her, after all she is the beauty pageant… Read more »

So much for Kenya upholding her own reputation, only Phaedra has to do that for talking about Kenya’s mother. lol

jacqueline briscoe

Preach. Next Phaedra will be throwing her dead dog in her face, Gentile southern lady. Somethings you just dont do.

My prayer is these ladies can make proper amends to one another. May never be friends but its the right thing. We all must forgive so we can be forgiven. Since the fox will be out the hen house ….maybe.


Gentile southern lady. Somethings you just dont do.

This right here says it all. Phaedra has shown herself to be of very low character. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

I have never seen someone go as low as she does. There is nothing Christian or genteel about her, at all.

jacqueline briscoe



It amazes me how people put strippers, felons, mug-shotted people, violent attackers, head doctors, thieves, etc up on a pedestal and then get mad when you don’t.

Society is in a bad place, indeed.


Well amends at least. Because I agree. Apollo is not worth the energy.

Yes, that was extremely low taste as has been shown in her taste in a husband. Phaedra too has to up her standards to that regard.


You do realize it’s a Television show?

Yes, and reality television reflect their lives. Or is it fake that Apollo is going to jail? Phaedra made a poor choice in a husband? Kenya is messy and get involved with married men? That is not television, that is life as well. Excuses do not negate facts.


They all put their business on blast for Bravo. How much concern do you expect anyone to honestly have. Their “”real lives” are entertainment. IT’S a Television Show. If that’s the way they want to conduct their so-called private lives, then I’m not going to get too bent out of shape. .Whoever plays the game best, wins.
Enough with the replies now.
Be Well.

Do you mean whoever live life best wins as it is a reality show? If so that is my point and I try to honor it in all of my posts, without favoring or excusing dysfunction as a game, but by encouraging the ending of dysfunction for the negative messy life( you call game) associated with it that it brings to the table to all who is effected by it as part of that life. Dysfunction ignores the cure/prevention aspect of dysfunction, or it would not be there to begin with. Which is how you deal with mess, clean it up and seek to prevent it then move on instead of wallowing in it with excuses. Adults should be mature enough to know an irrational excuse when they speak one, unless you are so blind to your own habits that you fail to realize that it will get you no… Read more »
The only concern I am on is for people to not uphold and practice dysfunction as a chosen way of living for their own households regardless of what you see playing out on television. Know dysfunction and do not glorify and excuse it in your own household, that is my concern. In order to fix dysfunction you have to realize it, and put a plan of action together to prevent it and society will become better off instead of more of the same/worse off. We are also part of our environment to some degree, and it helps shape our children, so our influence has to be greater in identifying dysfunction and transfer that ability to our children. That should be everyone concern, unfortunately most do not care to look at solving it, and just live with it as a way of life, and it does not have to be that… Read more »

It is dysfunctional to marry a convict straight out of prison, no?

Not if the convict has learned their lesson. There are some cases of such. Some people do learn from the things they do and it is not dysfunctional to do so. However, the proof is in the pudding, time is the only thing that is going to show you that they have mended their ways and Phaedra should have let more time pass before marrying Apollo to be able to appropriately verify the end of his dysfunctional lifestyle of living. They can go back on their word, which makes it a lie that Phaedra based her judgment to marry Apollo on, and which makes Apollo dysfunctional, and Phaedra lacking common sense. It can bring dysfunction to her household as well, but I do not think it makes her dysfunctional based on one time alone. She is just not common sense smart. Mistakes happen when based off of lies, and she… Read more »

And what time frame is sufficient to learn their lesson? Phaedra married Apollo immediately upon his release from prison. There wasn’t enough time to gauge what his true intentions were.

That’s the problem. Little to no time had lapsed to see if he had changed or had any remorse, so Phaedra must be really stupid to think that he walked out of jail, was immediately converted and then got a mysterious job that paid so much money that he could go to the strip clubs and drop $8,000 a night at will, come home and bring her the receipts, and no red flag as to his criminal history crossed her mind.

That is hilarious!

It take a year or more to get over death, how much so does it take to verify that someone had changed their ways? I would say anywhere from two years to five years. Usually it takes a year and 1/2 for a offender to repeat crime. It does not take long for those who choose to engage in that lifestyle, but you have to err on caution. I say three to five years to play it safe. He could have shown remorse thru out his time in prison. We do not know if they were in contact or not for sure. It does not dawn on me that she would jump up and marry him without more engagement time unless it was occurring when he was behind bars. She knew him before he went to prison. Apollo could have been bragging about what he was spending in the strip… Read more »

Absolutely. And people forget that Apollo had a legitimate reason for texting Kenya at first, it was about the business of producing the video. It was Apollo who tried to make it about more than that.

That’s why he lightweight “turned against” Kenya at times, because he was rebuffed. However, if she smiled in his direction, she was immediately forgiven.

Anyone who couldn’t see through Apollo has rocks in their head. It was classic, “bish, I didn’t want you anyway.” You know, the way insecure guys do when you don’t let them holler.

It’s sad that so many women didn’t spot this typical behavior.

Apollo was not rebuffed. Kenya did what she felt big enough to get away with. Well it Phaedra’s time now. Lets see what she has in store for RHOA! O-O LET”S GO!!!


What did Kenya do in your opinion?

She flirted.
Apollo picked her up.
Apollo began texting her.
Apollo lusted after her in every scene.
What changed Apollo’s mind?
If he wasn’t rebuffed and got what he wanted, where is the need for animosity?

Anyway, it all worked out since he’s admitted twice, with the third time coming, that he lied from the beginning.

Kenya failed to protect her own best interest, regardless of Apollo, which had her coming across as crazy, flirting with disaster, jealous, insecure, caught up in another love triangle, provoking violence, dishonesty, nosy, cruel, untrustworthy, dangerous to be around, enticing married men, I could go on but let me know if that is enough for you to understand repercussions of her actions and are those words okay for a Kenya to have associated with her name in your book?

Apollo’s word means nothing, he is a con-artist.


Ha ha ha.

Yes, laugh at self respect, and failure of it being shown by your own behavior and actions in society at large(public).


Sorry, I don’t have to deal with it, they do. I only added my opinion as did you. I’m cool with your take on the situation. I can’t stand Apollo personally, but Phaedra is the one that has to deal with it.

No one should have to go thru what he put that woman thru. I am a woman, and we get wrong, I can admit that, but it does not mean we have to like seeing Apollo or Kenya making a mockery of what is suppose to be sacred. Marriage.


We Agree.


The reality show curse strikes again


U go kenya I still liked u when everyone was against u serves phony phea phae right now who doesnt have huzband


Yep, she validated herself by having a criminal for a husband. Dumb @$$.

I have heard it said that people who have book sense do not have common sense.

Like Apollo is hard to replace? That was Kenya all up on Apollo shaking her butt around a group of men after she was asked to stay away from Apollo. She did dirt and I do not care what Apollo says, he just looking for the next woman he can use to put money on his books.


Ah ha ha. Phaedra should be so embarrassed. That didn’t take long for karma to bite her in her donkey booty. A blind man could see how Apollo was lusting after Kenya. The rest of the cast is crazy, not Kenya, and it will all be revealed in the future.

Her and Porsha talking about their “huzzbands”, now one is divorced and the other one headed for the same thing. That’s what you get for trying to lord stuff over others. It comes back to bite you.

Bye Felicias, and learn to keep your traps shut in the future.


Time for Mr. Willie to start biting the donkey booty. LOL.

Apollo is a con-artist, how many times do I have to say that? He just wants money put on his books.


Say it until you’re blue in the face. But Phaedra is a con artist too.
And her donkey-booty got bit.


Of course she is. Her unethical parking lot behavior proves she is not on the up and up. Monies from clients is supposed to go through the accounting department and receipted. Law firms are diligent about these practices.

Phaedra exposed herself. Angela Stanton is telling the truth, and Phaedra will be caught.

I can’t wait until she gets her comeuppance. Nobody deserves it more.

Prove it! Saying it alone does not make it true, back it up with evidence other than wishful thinking. The crimes of the husband are not the crimes of his wife. If so I believe the Feds would be all over her as well. You act like black women have not had to face this same thing, as a large number of the black male population has been incarnated for some period of time. Phaedra not the first to have to go thru that, and she will not be the last. She could have married someone without a criminal record and still have found herself in that situation. Yes, her odds were higher with Apollo, but that does not negate the fact that HE is the man and SHOULD have SET the STANDARDS for his house of legal enterprise. He did not and it does not transfer that failure to… Read more »

The only thing she should be embarrassed of is trusting him, at this point. He is replaceable. *Beyoncé You must not know bout Phae, You must not know bout Phae! Just kidding. Why he out talking all that ish so someone will put money on his books.


Phaedra had already been implicated with criminal deeds. Angela wrote a book about it. But, you still think that Phaedra was dumb enough to get with a known felon and crook because she “trusted” him?

So, I meet a murderer, fresh out the pen, and I think I can immediately reform him, without a waiting period?

I’m going to take this murderer into my bosom for the sake of love?


Those are accusations that are still to play out in court, so I refrain from basing opinion on them until they have been ruled on, as that author has been filed a lawsuit on and time will tell. Rash to judgment leads to assumptions, yet you want to know if Phaedra is dysfunctional for doing it, yet it is okay for you to do. Really? One should not be double standard in way of thinking.


I know that’s right!

nasz nasx

Stay strong


I have always said it was him. I know Kenya is crazy, but Apollo is slimy.