Masicka – Me Seh Life Lyrics

Money start meck so mi naw itch fi give unu hey
Naw buy no gun fi unu kill unu self
No brighter day right away

Mi si deh a draw fi gun, dem a reach fi Knife
Selassie high son me seh life
Dem a seh shoot out an bleach a night
Wi want a better day
An fake friend mi cut dem off
Dem not moving right
Tell mi why yo want yo brother lose him life
Wi wi gwaan build an left you fi hype
Wi want a better day hey

(Verse 1)
Jamaica it hurt mi fi si a mother ball
When shi miss are son yo no haffi ask
In a the ghetto life hard
Juvenile get kill by gun
Mi want yo pree this
Yo mother stress, yo fatherless
So yo naw go rest yo haffi get the dollar yes
Politician give wi fun so wi mark the X
ANd then dem buy wi gun inna morgueress

Real youths naw bow out fi put on a crep
Real girls naw sell out fi wear prado dress
Pon mi friend mi brother dem the chigger naw go press
The worries all a mess

(Repeat Chorus)

(verse 2)
Go tell some bwoy Jah Jah a mi guard mi no fret
Mi no need army fi step
The gyal wa yo set up fi call mi vice mail shi get
Fake friend why yo waan si mi dead
Mi put mi trust inna mankind why mi so fool
Mi an dem a spar from Primary School
True mi a go hard a step wild fi the food
Paw mi dem waan rise every tool

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)


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