Gage – One Don (Alkaline & Tommy Lee Diss) Lyrics

One don man seh
Run out in a clarks and spangy
A weh the real gun man dem deh
Weh no bwoy cyaa tell seh fi run weh

August town, big up Kolonji
Mack 11 never walk left the pumpi
Umpfy fi no walk Chargy
And Chargy no walk wid Umpfy

(Verse 1)
No f–k round mi woozy
Look good this a no yo muma pu–y
If the car broke down mi wi foot hi
Yo mussi waan mi hold yo neck and bruk hi
Beng, beng, beng
No f–k round mi gun dem
31 yuh wi get like a mountain
Mi a tell yo mi f–k up like some friend
Mi wi murder the whole dem one by one
The gun dem beng

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
A weh deh youth yah try
B13 no fraid a group a guy
Body find wid a group a fly
Who seh dem beat up puna guy
Dem never buss a gun dawg
The place a no track fi yo run dawg
Dem never hide waan body when time it a stink
Yo tell dem a gun dawg

(Repeat Chorus)


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