Laden – Feel Good Lyrics

Caw mi love when di gyal dem a bruk out pon head top
And gwan bad
Gyal a bruk out pon head top an gwan bad

Alright bad girls meck mi feel good
Love when dem bruk out pon di big wood
A dem yah girl meck wi feel nice
Fling it up paw mi hug mi real tight

Bad girls meck mi feel good
And a no lie, mi mean real good
Watch dem under di street light
Gyal a bruk out withing di street light

(Verse 1)
Watch how dem dip it, an dem drop it
Every man a pree it an a watch it
Hey mi haffi dip inna mi pocket
And buy are a drink liquor
And mi haffi knock it
Love when dem tic it, an dem toc it
Gyal yo si da wine deh, mi seh that’s it
Dibbi yo si yo hole yuh fi dash it out
Yo naw give it to no chatty mouth

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Then tell mi how yuh bad so gyal
Wine an go down, bend yo back so gyal
Come pon di block come relax mi gyal
No question no haffi ask mi gyal
Because mi love when yo bounce like a ball
Split an go down pon di ground shi a crawl
Shi give mi a cute look, wid are tongue shi a call
Real bad gyal, shi no ponk none at all

(Repeat Chorus 2X)


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