Mavado – She’s The One Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Your my build up baby
Here I am a stove
Don’t choose and refuse me
Cause am the one you should choose
Not the one your should refuse

Girl I wanna build my world around you
Keep you safe from everything
Angels cry the day I found you
Angels cry, my heart cry
Never feel a better thing

Thank you God for what you done for me
Thank you God for sending me my queen
She’s the one I saw her in my dream
She’s my one, and my only thing
3 little bird sing

(Verse 2)
Mi would a never left you out
Stay in a mi life mi could a never tek you out
Suh when you see her you see all and everything
Suh you know seh a death without
Mi have you but mi still waan yo
You work it out when time wi argue
If the world did abuse you
Right now a me a guard you

(Repeat Chorus)