Demarco And Masicka Fight Ended Sting Prematurely

Sting 2014 came to a halt prematurely just as day break on Saturday morning after fights broke out backstage and in the crowd.

In the early hours of Saturday morning just moments before the highly anticipated clash segment, a series of fight broke out that eventually ended the show.

The first incident occurred when Major Mackerel came on stage but the promoters and MC Nuffy managed to get things under control.

Shortly after that a fight broke out backstage between Demarco and Masicka camp, where bottles were thrown and shots rang out. Again the promoters got things under control but not without a stampede in the crowd.

Sting fight

Another incident occurred when Black Ryno came on stage for his rematch against Kiprich. A fight broke out in the crowd that sent everyone running for cover.

Kiprich eventually came on stage with his entourage that resulted in a tense atmosphere. Cops eventually pulled the plug ending the show fearing that more fights could broke out.

Sting 2014 pic

Several patrons outside the venue at Jamworld in Portmore express their disappointment in the show.

One female from Portmore told Dancehall HipHop that she was only pleased with Gully Bop, the viral dancehall sensation.

“A Gully Bop take Sting all the rest could have stayed home,” she said.



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Ryan Solomon
Ryan Solomon

Like some artists nah respect themself and them career war is supposed to be on stage wid lyrics not back stage wid bottles..that woulda be wicked for the ppl to see a proper contest wid Rhyno Tommy Lee Gage and KipRich…and dem Two artists deh addi reason why it cut short.. dat a sum heavy blame and dem career ago drop off because a dat..them entourage free paper bun out!!..dumb ass ni**az

This Me

gully bop tek sting? leggo kartel fi a minute nuh, and fly in Vado nuh, draw fi beenie and bounty and ninja please! where’s spice and tifa? call octane, vinci, vegas & sean paul. sting culture has lost its value. sting has been on the decline (last year was okay but still a struggle), but it seems like sting has reached its peak of clownship. where’s sizzla, capleton etc? sting was weak this year

NYC one
NYC one

Capleton was good come on ????

This Me

I didnt see capletons performance but I’m glad he was there then. Those are the artists sting needs to keep on the line up


Save dancehall should be a new movement lol..