Lil Wayne – Amazing Amy ft. Migos (Sorry 4 The Wait 2) Lyrics

(Verse 1 – Lil Wayne)
She crazy as f**k but she sexy as f**k
And she just hit me up, she text me..let’s f**k
I’m just waking up but f**k it I’m up
Ooh! I’m on my way where?
Get out my way bump-bump-bump-bump
I’m Norman Bates and this b***h ain’t normal, our kids gon be nuts
But when I had the yay
And the police would come she wouldn’t give me up
She knew what not to say
And when they would leave, she gave me heads up
Lord I feel like Plies, that’s my lil’ baby
But that b***h so crazy
That b***h gon kill me, and then she’ll be famous, that’ll be crazy
Amazing Amy, amazing Amy, my b***h so crazy
But that’s my b***h though, I must be crazier, she must be schizo
F*** it, I love her, f**k it, I love her, don’t f**k with my lover
Boy I’ll put you under
Her last ni**a shunned her, she ride me like Honda
Amazing Amy, amazing Amy, that b***h so crazy
That b***h gon’ kill me, then she’ll be famous
That’s what’s amazing
But I’m in love with that ho though
Even though she loco
That p**** got me bozo
I’m in love with that ho bro
Amazing Amy, amazing Amy, my b***h so crazy
That b***h gon’ kill me, then she’ll be famous
That’s so amazing

(Chorus – Lil Wayne)
She’s so amazing
Lord I feel like Plies, that’s my lil’ baby
That b***h gon kill me, that’ll be crazy
But that’s what’s amazing, that’s my lil’ baby
That b***h so crazy, amazing Amy
And this that Sorry 4 The Wait, Amy
And I’m so sorry for the wait, Amy

(Verse 2)
She told me wait on it
I told her she gon have to put a date on it
You already let Tunechi skate on it
My hook in the water, lil’ mama, she bait on it
Damn, I mean she bite on it
Kawasaki she can ride on it
She too good for me like some vitamins
She swallowed the d**k like a Heineken
I love her she came with a frying pan
Her mama black, her daddy from Japan
So amazing she deserve a Birkin bag
She so crazy she gonna take all of my cash
She in love with my money
And I am so crazy I’m gonna keep spending blue hunnids
And for the jabronis
Waiting for Migos and Wayne to fall off
Ni**a you can wait on it

(Verse 3)
Choppa like Tony watch how I do my opponent
Wait on my moment I beat it I own it
Keep that thang on me you won’t catch me lonely
She wanna s**k and f*** and put it on me
She plotting on me trynna get some money
Had to cut her cause the millions coming
Run off with the work, started trappin dummies
Caucasian, Black and Asian you amazing
We poppin’ them seals we not in the Navy
We won’t take a deal cause we got the paper
That people hate it, we still nominated
Young Rich Ni**a’s yeah we graduated
I got b***hes in the kitchen cookin’ Sarah Palin
Smoking up the gas bag you can smell the fragrance
Got me buying handbags, man this b***h is crazy

(Verse 4)
Amazing Amy
Amy wanna have my baby
Nah she been patiently waiting
Waitin’ for me to get famous
Want me to buy her Mercedes
I come through the check and I looked at her crazy
I’m focused on the M&M’s
You want Benjamin Franklins you gotta have patience
I pull up in the coupe and its the Sable
I’m drinking on maple these b***hes watching me on cable
Ni**a’s trynna copy but they can’t be the creator
I’m a legend, feel like Will Smith, can you be my Jada?
And I’m in the Oakland Audi looking like a Raider
When the Migos hear your CD we pack at your stadium
In the kitchen with the Dominican’s I’m creating em
Trappin in dabbin

(Repeat Chorus)