Mavado And Flexxx End Their Beef

Mavado and Flexxx are friends again after the two deejays end their beef last year.

The Gully Gad and Flexxx have been friends since the beginning of their careers but had a bitter fallout in 2012.

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But Mavado was the one who brokered a peace between the two last year summer.

“Me deh a me yard and see a number a call me, but me never recognise the number. Then I got a text saying ‘Gully’, so I answered the phone when the person called back and it was Mavado. We just do some big man reasonings and let bygones be bygones. We put the past behind us and we a work on the future,” Flexxx said.

The Gullyside deejay also said he has a new single coming out with Mavado that will be a hit in dancehall.



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Clark Kent
Clark Kent

Yeah man bring back di Unity ah dat dance hall need right now fi reach back to its proper height

This Me

wonderful, dancehall need as much unity as possible, no mek no sense fi have bad blood, life too short & unpredictable, kartel can tell yuh that

NYC one
NYC one

Good look happy for them .

sandrae gunter
sandrae gunter

yes yes full time