Sean Paul – Living The Dream Lyrics

(Verse 1)
4 bottle a Hennessy
Me and the crew deh pon schedule
When wi roll yo know many si
And wi get any gyal
Wi some kind of amazing
And you know we ever blazing
Eye dem ever bleeding
And the gyal dem crown wi as the real deal

Cause I don’t roll without gyal by my side
Colombian or the Guyanese
Always have dem round mi, that how I ride
Jamaican or the Japanese
When mi roll is like a movie, shining light
Paparazzi try tek mi picture

A live wi a live the dream
And the party don’t start till we touch the scene
Anytime wi step up in a yo party
You already know

And the ladies dem a shake up dem body
Cause tonight wi a go put on a show
Put on a show, put on a show
Tell you seh tonight wi a go put on a show
Put on a show, put on a show
Tell you seh tonight wi a go put on a show

(Verse 2)
Truckback turn up the place it buck
Movie stars, man a hollister
Diss wi yo run out a luck
A the gorilla wi spar wid nuh play mister
Tun up the sound yeah master blaster
Truck back beat meck gyal a shake dem bumper
SP meck the gyal dem feel free
Meck dem move up dem body and roll it like thunder

(Repeat Chorus 2X)


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Hoshmand Sp
Hoshmand Sp
We Tellin Dem Again S To The P And The Gang Truck Back We Telling Dem Again SLYDA Four Bokkle a Hennessy Me And The Crew Deh Pon Schedule When We Roll We No Menacy And We Get Any Gal We Some Kind Of Amazing And You Know We Ever Blazing Eyes Dem Ever Bleeding And The Gal Dem Call Me a Di Real Thing (Chours) Cause I Don’t Roll We Doubt Get Gal By My Side Colombian And The Guyanese Always Have Dem Round Me That’s How I Ride Jamaican And The Japanese When We Roll It’s Like a Movie…Shining Lights Paparazzi a Try Take Me Pics a Live We a Live The Dream And The Party Don’t Start Till a We Touch The Scene Anytime Me Step Up Inna Your Party….You Already Know All The Ladies Dem Shake Up Dem Body Cause Tonight We a Go Put On… Read more »