Did DJ Sunshine Calls Vybz Kartel Music Boring ?

DJ Sunshine is getting some backlash in dancehall for allegedly saying that Vybz Kartel music is boring.

The veteran disc jockey recently did an interview with Anthony Miller where she opened up about Alkaline, her recent running with Usain Bolt and Vybz Kartel.

Usain Bolt Pays DJ To Play Vybz Kartel And Stop Playing Alkaline

“We can’t listen to one type of music it would be boring so that’s why there are all these other upcoming artists,” Sunshine said in response to her recent running with Usain Bolt where the track star demanded Vybz Kartel music be played at Uptown Mondays.

Vybz Kartel fans took that as a diss and took to social media to air out their grosses. One popular African DJ name Lyrical III hurled a few insults at DJ Sunshine via her Facebook page.

“Yow DJ Sunshine a wah happen to yuh? How come yuh diss di boss suh and seh Kartel music get boring,” Lyrical said. “Yu know if a never fi Kartel and Mavado unno couldn’t get played in ***** Africa. Yuh come fi disrespect the boss because of the black eye bwoy.”

But Sunshine says that some folks are plotting against her to destroy her career.

“Who is that? It’s not worth my time nor my energy because my work speaks for itself,” the disc jockey said. “So whoever orchestrate a plan to kill Sunshine career, it will not work because I rep dancehall. If I wasn’t hot they wouldn’t be trying to come after me that way. I am actually flattered.”