Author: Nakeinus Jemieson


I Octane – Brite Up Lyrics

            {Intro} More time yo haffi bad yaw man More time yo links dem haffi mad yaw man Wi naw run like a hots yaw […]

Mavado – Di Gyal Dem Lyrics

            {Intro} We the best YMCMB Di gyal dem ahoy Gully God Gangster Kingston When yo talk bout me International player wid di passport Sale […]

Future Fambo – Baby Boo Lyrics

{Intro} Baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, boo Baby, baby, baby, baby, baby, boo Let mi give yuh a baby like Holly Blue Baby I will never leave you Baby, baby, […]

Jah Vinci – All I Need Lyrics

{Intro} Kerry seh mi fi do da one deh Out clear friends for real production Yea a Jah Vinci {Verse 1} One day dem bridge it a go burn It […]

Tommy Lee – She Nae Nae Lyrics

{Intro} Shi nae nae stop stress out Dem soon get mi out Hmmmmmmhuhuhaha Don’t cry Whip yo eye shi nae nae Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm {Chorus} Shi nae nae mi love yo Mi […]

Alaine – Us Against The World Lyrics

{Intro} How you and me against the world Hey Yo know wa happen {Verse 1} Aiming there I rose bullet shoot Nothing cant damage bullet proof a love Cant break […]