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D’Angel – Hot From Me Born Lyrics

          {Intro} Yuh haffi have style Yuh haffi have shape Yuh haffi have di fitness with a likkle bit a grace Wise than di patton wa […]

Bugle – The Youths Lyrics

          {Intro} Farms-house production Man kind meck the world miserable That’s why Jah call seh the world no level Am not gonna make ma self vulnerable […]

Mavado – Live My Life Lyrics

{Intro} Party time again Yea Party wid yo friend Tell bad mine people {Chorus} Mi no know bout you but mi know bout me Mi a live my life Cyan […]

Konshens – Gunshot A Fire Lyrics

{Intro} Warrior Gun smoking in a di breeze People a debate pon it over seas yea Jamaica Jamaica Dem seh dem a leave that Wi naw follow dem None a […]

Kiprich – Fear No Evil Lyrics

          {Intro} Evil head Yow…Yea tho I walk through the Vally of the shadow of death Wah happen to dem man A tell dem a don’t […]

Navino – Cah Fear Me Lyrics

          {Intro} Yeaaaaa No say a word fool dem deh man A Navino Jam 2 Ben up and screw that’s all dem cyan do You no […]

Romain Virgo – Beat you down Lyrics

          {Intro} Yea him only gwaan like him tough But no meck no man rough you up yea yeaa Girl stand up tall Girl no bother […]

Jah Vinci – Never Too Late Lyrics

{Intro} Hey blessed is the man that walketh not in the counts of the ungodly Naw stand in the path of sinners hi no Naw sit in the seat of […]

Christopher Martin – Mi Friend Dem Lyrics

        {Intro} Si Martin You know seh when wi talk bout friendship Wi talk bout realness Caw real recognize real So big up all di friends dem […]