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Lyrics: Flexx – Call Mr. Bruce

Intro: Yo yo yo Well I’m the voice of the voiceless yo Yo mi see dem a gwaan like dem fi fraid fi talk But mi nuh fraid mi talk […]

Lyrics: Mr. Diamond – Gully & Gaza

Intro: Some seh Gully(oh ohhh),some seh Gaza(Hey ayyyy) I wonder weh dem a go say now(woohhhh) Hey Chorus: Is for real You cant never imagine how I feel hey Fi […]

Lyrics: Busy Signal – Dem Mad

Intro: I wanna know Intro: I wanna know How dem time ya get so cold I wanna know I wanna know ah ah ah ah ah I wanna know I […]

Lyrics: Makeida – Informer

Intro: Hey yo lefty(Yo Makeida) From wah day some gal a pree mi you know Like dem a premature Weh dem call dem girl deh again Chorus: Informa Some gal […]

Lyrics: Blass – Journey

Intro: Yo In this time we gotta try to make it,try to make it Gotta have ?? Hey stone ages Chorus: Woohhhh Life is a journey Now is kinda hard […]

Lyrics: Pressure – Coming Right Back

Intro: Yo It’s Pressure Hey,oh ohhhhhhhhhhhh wohhhh ohh Ohhhhh wooohhhhhhh(yes truly) It’s Pressure Hey babyyyy Chorus: I never gonna give up pon yuh love like that baby Even if I […]

Lyrics: Mavado – I know you want me

MAVADO – I Know You Want Me (Lyrics) Intro : Ahhhhhahahahaaa Why ? Yeah… Why, girl ? Baby, houu hold me closer to you I’m ah really make your grey […]

Lyrics: Serani – Got To Survive

Intro: Liv Up and Daseca It’s Serani I Gotta make it,make it ohuuhuhuhu Chorus: I’ll never stop hunting hustlin for mine I’ll try until I die Cause I got to […]