Dancehall HipHop

Drake Claims That Rihanna Used Him

Young Money Star rapper Drake aka Aubrey Graham has been making more headlines these days, but not for his music. The Canadian born rapper made a controversial statement in an […]

FAKE!!!! D’Angel And Gyptian Dating

Rumors been spreading like wildfire that D’Angel and Gytian are together. It turns out that both entertainers are simply just working together, as they recently recorded a love called “Gravity.” […]

Ziggi Renamed Ziggi Recado Launched EP

Dutch Caribbean Reggae star Ziggi has been punching out some big tunes of late, but he find himself often mistaken for the Reggae King’s son Ziggy Marlene. Wanting to separate […]

Carl Agapit And Shena Moulton For Benetton

Two of Saints International top models Carl Agapit and Shena Moulton have been selected as faces for the fall campaign for world-renowned Italian knitwear brand Benetton. Both models recently did […]

Passa Passa Promoters Optimistic About Show Return

Popular street dance Passa Passa came to an halt in April after tension raised over the extradition request of West Kingstons Don. The Passa Passa promoters Dylan Powe, Swash International […]

Legion Of Celebs Begins To Pour Into Jamaica

The Caribbean’s biggest fashion and lifestyle event Caribbean Fashionweek kicks off yesterday with a bang. CFW is now celebrating its 10th anniversary this year and schedule to run from June […]